ROC Band

The ROC Band is a radically improved product designed to minimise RAO (Radial Artery Occlusion) and preserve patency of the Radial Artery during Hemostasis.

  • Designed for Patent Hemostasis
  • Clear view of puncture site
  • Space for Ulnar compression
  • Easy to position
  • Low Profile

ROC Band® 

Radial Optimal Compression Band
For Optimal Patent Hemostasis

Easy to position
Clear view of puncture site
Low Profile
Designed for Patent Hemostasis
Space for Ulnar compression
RAO (Radial Artery Occlusion) minimisation

ROC Band applies compression to the radial artery with a mechanical screw thread (no syringe required).

This is the most controllable and effective method for confirming Patent Hemostasis through the Barbeau test.

Standard ROC-1 for wrists up to 22cm (8.7in) circumference
Large ROC-2 for wrists up to 28.5cm (11.2in) circumference

How to achieve Non-occlussive hemostasis of the radial artery using ROC Band

  • 1Place a pulse oximeter on the index finger or thumb.
  • 2To occlude both arteries compress the ulnar artery (manually) in the space provided and turn the screw cap (maximum of 5 turns) clockwise until no blood flow into the hand is evident on the pulse oximeter.
  • 3Maintain pressure on the ulnar artery to occlude flow through this vessel. Gradually decrease the pressure on the radial artery by turning the screw cap anticlockwise (towards the minus sign on the screw cap) until blood flow through the radial artery is only indicted on the pulse oximeter. Patent hemostasis is evidenced when there is no bleeding at the puncture site. Finally release the pressure on the ulnar artery.

® ROC Band is a trademark of CORMED LTD
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USA Patent – US10653430B2
Registered Design in UK and Europe

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